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No news is good news

Gabi is doing great.  She continues to get stronger and I think she gets funnier every day.  She makes her brothers and sister laugh so hard.  It’s a riot.

The procedures are still set for September 10th.  She is still throwing up a lot so although I am so dreading having her going back to any OR, I am hoping for some explanations and possible solutions.

There is a baby named Emma that needs prayers.  She was born in January of 2010 with HLHS and had her Glenn in June.  She is up in Milwaukee now while the doctors try and figure out what is going on.  She is being reviewed for a transplant because her heart is just not healing/getting stronger.  It sucks. Please pray for her whole family. Thanks.


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Some videos of Gabi & Co.

Here are some Danstrom family vidoes, the first one is Gabi at Northwest Community before the transport team took her up to CHW.

This is a very dark video of Ethan Jr. climbing the concrete light-post that is in the neighbors yard across the street. It is raining now, but once it stops Jr. wants to try it again in the daylight. He has been trying for a while, and finally was able to grip with his bare feet enough that he could scoot all the way to the top.
EDIT: we have better lighting now

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Heading home

Coming to CHW in Milwaukee is like going to see extended family. Everyone could not believe how big gabi has gotten and how good she looks despite the infection. Sadly, Northwest Community is becoming familiar as well.

Gabi is doing great again. The bacteria was identified as Ecoli and even though all the docs and nurses insist that this is not my fault, i still feel terrible. Did i not clean her well enough?? They all say that Ecoli is just a nasty bacteria that little girls are susceptible to. Her fever is down after about 5 doses of a hefty IV antibiotic and now they will switch her to an oral version and we can go home.

If she does get bother UTI then they wilL run some tests on her kidney function but certainly one UTI in a little girl is “normal” her heart function is good for her and her breathing has slowed. Dr. rao has given us the approval to hit the road, so as soon as Big Ethan gets here, we are heading home!!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past month…just assume that no news is good news. We have just been enjoying the summer and cruising right along, the way things should be.

Love to all-

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Silver lining?

It appears that the VP shunt is OK, which was our biggest fear. The trouble is that the UTI lead to (or was caused by) a kidney infection. They sent a transport team down this afternoon and the Gabi/Teri team went up to Milwaukee. The docs and Northwest were just nervous having Gabi there since they really are not set up to handle a fancy girl like that.

The other kids and I were able to get over this afternoon before the transport team got there. We dropped off a bag of clothes for Teri and toys for Gabi. When we got there Gabi was sitting on Teri’s lap and when her sibs walked in she just lit up. Started up her talking thing (in between a cat meow and a bark) and Tom, Ethan and Marissa took turns giving her the toys they brought for her. The teddy bear with the stitched heart is her favorite (besides her puke covered blanket) but I think she just loves it because it makes her daddy cry.

So far the antibiotics are doing their normal thing and Gabi is pooping every 30 minutes and miserable. I just talked to Teri and Gabi is finally sleeping and Teri is using this break to get some food. I am hoping to have some more answers tomorrow after rounds, and I will try to get them posted before I head to work.

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Adventure Update

Gabi has been running a low fever for a couple of days, but we could see molars poking through and attributed the crankiness and fever to that. Yesterday afternoon the fever spiked to 103+ and she started to get lethargic. Teri took her into the ER and they did a bunch of test and turned up a Urinary Tract Infection. They gave her some IV antibiotics and Teri and baby were home to sleep in their own beds.

This morning Gabi was doing better and was sitting at the table and talking a little. For the past 3 days she has had to be held at all times and was having no fun whatsoever. The chatting and sitting by herslef was a big improvement. Just as I was about to leave for work Gabi started to puke more than normal, and her color got very dusky. She started to shake and shiver and was covered in goosebumps. We pulled some numbers and her O2 was low 70’s (normally she is mid 80’s) and her heart rate was at 180-190. We had her bundled up as best we could (Ethan Jr. kept brining more blankets) but she wouldn’t stop shaking and I could feel her body just burning up. We called 911 and Teri is back at the ER with her right now. They found a slight ear infection, and she was puking green on the way over in the ambulance.

So far, it could just be her dealing with some standard infections, and her VP shunt seems to be OK. They are going to do a CT scan to look at that closely. Arlington Heights is getting in touch with Mil, and once I know what the plan is I will post an update.

Prior to this she was doing great, and was getting closer and closer to starting to scoot around on her but. He mind is moving along enough that she is getting bored with just sitting around, so hopefully once she comes back home we can get her moving around a little on her own.

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