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We are here and waiting for the docs to make any decisions. The one decision they have decided to do is to increase her feeds by 10%. They are going to keep her tonight and if i push hard enough, they will throw us out tomorrow.

Her BNP is down to 88!!!! Unbelievable. Amazing. This means she is most definitely not in heart failure. However, her heart does work hard so she needs more calories than an average kid, so we just need to feed her more.

We are so thrilled.

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Not so great check up

Gabi had a cardiology check up this morning and she continues to loose weight, so they are going to admit her for a few days.  She is already taking in more calories than a “normal” child because her heart works a lot harder than a healthy one and therefore burns more energy, hence needing more calories…. (enough adverbs for you?). They need to figure out why and where she is burning extra calories. Of course, the biggest concern is her heart failing.

She has been doing so great for the past few months and hopefully they can find the right feed plan for her, but in the meantime, this sucks.  She is so happy crawling around the floor exploring and playing with her brothers and sister. I can’t imagine how difficult this is going to be having her confined to a hospital room.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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