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Cath complete!

Gabi was in recovery by about 4:30. I spoke with carol (cards nurse), Kate (cath nurse), Dr. Cava and Dr. Forester after the procedure and they all agreed her pressuresa looked great! They all agreed that she could proceed with the fontan. If her numbers were too high, they probably all would like to discuss getting on the transplantlist.  But that is not the case!  Alleluia.

Dr. F saw one artery in her right shoulder that needed to be coiled off so she proceeded with that. Dr. Cava didn’t want to mess with anything else… He explained they can finish all those necessary tune ups during the fontan in July.

She is resting now and I am trying to keep her still.  They insert the catheter into the main artery at the top of the leg and if it doesn’t stay still for a few hours there cold be a lot of bleeding.  But she is handling it well.

They all say will be getting out of here tonight… Hopefully around 8:30 or 9:00. Its been a long day but I am SO thankful this is over and that we got great results!

Thanks be to God!


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Going great

Jusa update update. Gabi is doing really great.  They have measured pressures and now they are  taking some pictures that Dr. Tweddle needs to prepare for her surgery.  So far they haven’t needed to intubate her, which is great news!  They may need to coil off some of the collaterols which is expected.  All in all it’s going smoothly!

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Cath underway

They just took her back to the cath lab.  The anesthesiologist gave her a dose of versed so she was hilariously drugged before she left me. I looked into her dilated pupils and  gave her a kiss on the cheek. she smiled as our nurse and good friend, Kate, wheeled her away to Dr. Forester. The procedure should take about 2 hours unless they find something significant that needs to be repaired. Then it will be longer. Kate should update me in about an hour.

Please God, be with my baby girl.

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Heart cath today

The cath is today.  We got to CHW this morning at 9 am but the cath lab is delayed so we are waiting…Gabi is doing ok, but but they won’t let me feed her, so that makes it not fun.  I’ll post as soon as I know anything.

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