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Gabi is doing…. ammmaaazzzing!

It is has been 4 1/2 weeks since her surgery and she is doing BETTER than before the surgery!  yes, that’s right… Better than before the surgery.

Her endurance is amazing.  She walked from our neighbor’s front door all the way down their driveway all the way on the sidewalk and UP our driveway to our front door and then try to tackle the front door stoop by herself. She has NEVER been able to walk that far… ever.  She has NEVER made it up our driveway on the incline EVER!  It is unbelievable!!

Tears come to my eyes when I see her and she says “I’m fast” and she is trying her darndest to run.

We had a second follow up appt with Dr. Cava and he is amazed at how well she is doing.  Her sats are up to 90-91 which is perfect for her.  On the chest x-ray, he could see that her fenestration ( a small blow hole in her IVC) was still intact, which is good. Sometimes, the hole can close on it’s own causing the O2 sats to get too high and this can cause too much pressure in her heart. But hers looks great.  There are no chyllous effusions, even thought we took a risk with that higher fat diet.  Amazing.

The new formula is working out great.  You can tell it is not ideal for her because she still poops 3 times a day but they are not diarhea so it’s fine.  She will continue on this formula via her G- tube for another month or so, then they’ll talk about switching her back to regular pediasure.

More great news is that she is MUCH more interested in eating than ever before.  She comes in the kitchen and says… “mom, something to eat, please?”  “What?”  She has never asked to eat before mostly in fear of throwing up.  She is still not able to swallow too much but the fact that she wants to and keeps at it is just awesome.  Next hurdle will be potty training and eating.

Her labs all looked great. INR level is at 1.82 and they want the levels to be between 1.5 and 2.0 so it is perfect. Her platelet count is back to normal and everything else looked great!

I know it’s so easy to say God is so good when things are going well, but I never stopped believing and I never gave up on Him.  We have lots of friends that are in a total shitstorm right now and I am praying for them as they trudge through their battles everyday.  I do believe that everyone is either just getting through a crisis, living in a crisis right now or about to face one.  And the results may not always be the way we want them to be, but we have to believe that the sun will come up again and we are stronger than we think!   I cannot tell you how thankful and grateful we are that Gabi’s results are amazing!!

Thank you thank you for all the prayers and the support.  The dinners, the babysitting, the friendship, the texts, the emails, the phone calls…thank you everyone.

On a lighter note, my little brother got married this past Saturday. We weren’t able to get there because the wedding was in Telluride, CO. But our oldest son was able to go with my sister and my niece and meet the rest of the family out there. CONGRATULATIONS Tim and Courtney. We love you and wish you the best. Life will NOT turn out the way you think or plan, but just put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride.

Happy end of the summer and happy back to school days!



At the park feeding the ducks

With our wonderful neighbor, Steve. Gabi thinks she is Korean sometimes…




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