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We are home!  We were in and out of CHW in world record time!  We arrived there at 6:25 am checked in and we were discharged at 11:45!  Amazing.

Gabi is exhausted and so am I. We left this morning at 5:15 in the pitch dark after a long day at pre-op yesterday but we can rest easy now. She just has a bandaid with a few stitches.

One of my bestee nurses,  who works the night shift,contacted me while I in the waiting room and told me that Gabi had room 4 on West 3 reserved… just in case.  They didn’t tell me that!! Stinkers.

We did not need the room because by the grace of God and her own bravery, my daughter is a rockstar! Thank you for all the prayers… I am SO relieved.

A little nervous before surgery

Sleeping at home comfortably…

Mike Barnes, Dr. Tweddle’s PA, and one of my favorite people!

Even with Pablo in sight, she was so miserable waking up

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She is out of surgery and doing fine! they were able to make a small incision and pull the wire right out.  She is pretty miserable but we will be able to go home in a few hours!  Hallulia!

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Surgery underway

They took gabi back a few minutes ago.  She really is my hero.  She is so brave!  I know she is scared and yet she looks at me to get a glimpse of reassurance and then gives the nurse her arm or whatever they are asking for.  I know this procedure is no big deal and I know God’s plan for us all is so much greater than we can comprehend, but these moments are still so hard.

Ethan is home with the other kids and I am here with Gabi.  It is very lonely. I want him here with me to be able to hear what the doctors say and to be able to see his daughter when she opens her eys again.  I know.. I know, Poor me, right? This will all be over in a couple of hours and theN recovery.

Barnes is with her so I am so comforted by that.

Thanks for the prayers,


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Another day

Gabi is scheduled for surgery at 8 am today.  We had a pre-op appt yesterday with Dr. Tweddle’s PA (Barnes :) ) and a surgical NP. All went fine.  I convinced them that she just had labs drawn 2 weeks ago at her check up and they agreed those were sufficient- she didn’t need a blood draw again!  Yay! She needed a chest x-ray and just a physical exam.

Barnes explained the procedure and indeed, it is “very minor”. The procedure should only take about 30 minutes but getting the lines in and the sedation and the intubation and then waking her up after will take about 3 or more hours.

Please say a prayer for Gabi this morning.

Thank you,


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Hello everyone.
Gabi had a cardiology check up on Monday and going into the appt, I had a few questions, as I always do.

Dr. Cava and Carol gave her a great report.  Her labs all looked good and her sats were between 88-90.  In the next few months, they really want her sats to be in the lower 90’s but I am so thrilled with them being in the upper 80’s. I can tell she feels good and her much more energy and stamina.  AND Dr. Cava gave us the orders to discontinue all Oxygen orders from Walgreens. What does this mean???  It means all of the oxygen tanks and the air compressor are gone!! out of the house!  They all were so cautious with Gabi because every time she would get sick or just have a bad day or 3, she would need that O2.  But they think she is now stable enough that she doesn’t need it around all the time!! yeah!

One of the querstions I had for them was this bump on her chest.  Her sternum was healing all crooked and then one day about 3 weeks ago, we noticed a sharp spot poking out underneath her skin. It was quite alarming.  I had called them when I noticed it and they assured me that it would be fine until her check up.  Carol knew immediatley before even consulting with Dr. Cava that it was a broken sternum wire.  After heart surgeries, they need to wrap the sternum in wires to help it heal properly. Well, of course, Gabi’s broke.

She is scheduled for surgery this coming Tuesday, the 25th.  Pre-op appt is on Monday.  I know its a minor procedure and I am so so grateful and blessed that she is doing well but I am just so upset.  She is finally getting to the point of not being afraid when her speech teacher puts on gloves on.  She is so aware of things that she is going to be so upset when we go in to that pre-op room.

The procedure will be a couple of hours with Dr. Tweddle at the lead.  She will need to be intubated and recovery is a total crap shoot. She might be able to come home that evening or she may be there for a day or 2.

Please keep Gabi in your prayers.  Thank you!

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