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It’s all Praise!

DSC_0028We have a plan!  And God is chuckling.

We got approval for “the church house!!” I want to write a deep, thought provoking post here but I am up to my neck in boxes, so I will write all the details after we move this Friday, August 2nd.

These are the wonderful things that have happened to us in the past few days.

1. We planned a trip to Great America because the kids get their free tickets from the reading program.  We planned the day only to have Ethan sr. call me 2 days before from work and tell me that he had to go into work that day.  They scheduled a meeting for that day and he had to be there. I was mad. angry. pissed. I felt like he was choosing work over his family which I know he sometimes has too. I shook it off and made a back up plan. The day we were supposed to go, Marissa woke up in pain and sick. Our backup plan was to head to the zoo with my sister and niece so before we were to leave, I raced over a urine sample to the pediatrician and we tried to go to the zoo… Marissa’s FAVORITE place!  She was too uncomfortable and we had to head home after only an hour.  (We did get to see the Dolphin Show- although she cried through half of it). We got results of a bladder infection and started an antibiotic. Our trip to Six Flags would have been ruined.  God works in very funny ways.

2. We also started my second oldest son (almost 8) on a new medication this week and it is a miracle for him. I cried tears of joy for him as he is so happy and calm and not down on himself anymore.  Ethan Sr and I had talked about starting treatment for a while now and I have been praying and felt the Holy Spirit telling me to help my son.  We did and it is truly miraculous…. I know it’s going to be a constant rollercoaster but I am just so happy for him right now.

3. We got approval on a house!!!  WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE!  We will be renting a home from our parish, St James.  They own a few houses and we were able to push them along to be approved.  I will post the entire story of how God worked in this story later.DSC_0062

4. I called the new feeding clinic to check on Gabi’s status.  They had “never received” her records so I made a few phone calls, got a few apologies and we have an appt set for August 8th!  I am thrilled to get her started…

5. Gabi went pee pee on the potty!!

6. I got a phone call from one of my favorite organizations called Dynamic Catholic started by Matthew Kelly. We have made donations in the past and I frequently order books from their organization. She was calling to see if we could possibly make another donation at this time.  I told her that we were really in a tough spot right now and just couldn’t. I felt terrible.  We chatted a few minutes and not surprisingly I started crying when she asked about Gabi. She personally added Gabi and our entire family to their prayer list.  I was so touched by that phone call.

7. Did I mention we are approved for a house?!

Thank you thank you for all of the prayers and support. A special thank you to my  awesome sisters, Heather and Steve, Steve and Steph, Mark and Karie, Sue, and my mom.  

I almost forgot to say thank you to the St. Brendan’s Men’s Group in FL for all their prayers for Gabi.
The kindness and support means more than you’ll ever know.

My sweet friend, Nicole, that I finally got to see after many years

My sweet friend, Nicole, that I finally got to see after many years

My handsome 2 oldest boys

My handsome 2 oldest boys

So much love and praise,

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21 days

Words are not coming to me very easily right now.  I wanted to post about this so I don’t ever forget where we have come from and how strong our family is.  I want to remember these days vividly so I can count my blessings over and over when we are out of this situation.

DSC_0071We have 3 weeks (21 days) to move and have no where to go.  We have a few places but all of them have a few obstacles we need to overcome first… one isn’t available until Aug 15th, one doesn’t allow pets, and one is owned by a shady, incompetent company that won’t return our phone calls.  There isn’t much else on the rental market that can home 7 people that is within our price range.  We get so close and then the rug gets yanked out from underneath us.  My kids are stressed, my husband is exhausted and I am trying not to cry in front of them all.   I am angry.  I am really angry.

Do we create this drama?  Do we not work hard enough?  Why is this happening?Where are you my loving God?

I know.. for a fact… that this will work out.  Something will work out because it has to.   I still have faith that God has a plan but I am upset and angry right now that I don’t know that plan. I am angry that others are able to enjoy their summer and we are hanging on by a thread.

And the new feeding clinic will not call me. I have called and called to get Gabi scheduled for an evaluation but they haven’t reviewed her files yet. They are supposed to call me… I need something to move forward…

It’s a tough day.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Much love,


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