21 days

Words are not coming to me very easily right now.  I wanted to post about this so I don’t ever forget where we have come from and how strong our family is.  I want to remember these days vividly so I can count my blessings over and over when we are out of this situation.

DSC_0071We have 3 weeks (21 days) to move and have no where to go.  We have a few places but all of them have a few obstacles we need to overcome first… one isn’t available until Aug 15th, one doesn’t allow pets, and one is owned by a shady, incompetent company that won’t return our phone calls.  There isn’t much else on the rental market that can home 7 people that is within our price range.  We get so close and then the rug gets yanked out from underneath us.  My kids are stressed, my husband is exhausted and I am trying not to cry in front of them all.   I am angry.  I am really angry.

Do we create this drama?  Do we not work hard enough?  Why is this happening?Where are you my loving God?

I know.. for a fact… that this will work out.  Something will work out because it has to.   I still have faith that God has a plan but I am upset and angry right now that I don’t know that plan. I am angry that others are able to enjoy their summer and we are hanging on by a thread.

And the new feeding clinic will not call me. I have called and called to get Gabi scheduled for an evaluation but they haven’t reviewed her files yet. They are supposed to call me… I need something to move forward…

It’s a tough day.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Much love,



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