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Waiting for Monday

Gabrielle’s fever hasn’t returned, which is good to hear. The are still waiting for results of the spinal tap to rule out meningitis, but from what they have seen things are looking alright. Teri got the staples out today, which is a awful sounding procedure that is good to put in the past. I am really looking forward to getting up there tomorrow night, but we decided that it was going to be a little intense for the kids, so they are going to stay here in Chicago.

The kids are doing well. Having family around to help out makes things not quite as unusual, so they almost don’t notice. Ethan Jr. is more excited to go to his first T-Ball practice after Grandpa Danstrom got him all set up with a mitt. He slept with it last night and I woke up to a little kid kid in jammies too small wearing a kids mitt, and tossing a baseball into it to practice some more.

I don’t want to be the pitcher because if I miss 3 times then I can’t play any more and have to be out. I want to play, I don’t want to be out.

His grasp of the rules is a little light.

My mom dug out an old picture of me, to compare since everybody seems to think that Gabrielle looks like me so much. I will let you guys be the judge on that one.

is there any realation here?

is there any realation here?

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A little excitement

While Teri was down visiting, Gabi had some issues breathing. With her circulation being compromised, that is pretty common. Her Oxygen saturation levels are still pretty good so there wasn’t that much concern. Gabi is kind of feisty and REALLY doesn’t like the oxygen mask/tube, so that is probably going to be an ongoing battle.

She also is running a slight fever, and the doctors are looking into what is causing it. Nothing too scary, but some slight bumps in a mostly smooth road to Monday. When the Doctors track down the fever cause I will post an update.

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Putting the PIC line in yesterday went smoothly, and Teri was able to get down and spend some time with Gabi. Teri is starting to feel better every day, and even sounds more like herself over the phone. The head doctor of the pediatric cardiac unit said that we could bring the siblings in to see Gabi before the surgery if we wanted. It would be a great gift to have the whole family together before the surgery, and we are working on the logistics of making that happen.

There was a little excitement with a blood transfusion last night. It was only a couple of ounces, and something that is very normal for this condition. They just want to make sure that her white blood cell count stays as high as possible. I think this is one of those things that sounds a little worse that the reality of the situation.

That is pretty much for updates, which is a very good thing. Boring is the best that we can hope for the next couple of days. Grandma Cass is going to bring her laptop up with her, so soon you can hear Teri’s side of this whole thing as well.

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Waiting some more

Now we wait anxiously for Monday. The doctors have been great, and as you can see in the picture, there is everything technology has to offer working to give her the best chance possible. She is regulating her own temperature, which is good. They are putting in the PIC line today, and that should be the last major event until Monday’s big event. They actually called me while I was talking to Teri on the other phone.

Teri is doing a little better today. With me not there to bug her with questions and comments about television commercial shortcomings, she is digging into the percocet and taking it as easy as possible. The goal is to get her as repaired as possible before Monday. Her spirits are good. Considering she was throwing up and shaking with shock just a couple of days ago is really a testament to her resiliency. Part of me is scared of how strong she is because I don’t know if I can keep pace, but I know if there is any mother on the planet that can be the right mom for Gabi, Teri is that mom.

I got home last night and Tom got up for a late night potty break. When he saw me, there was a brief question mark over his head, and then a huge smile and he ran and gave me a hug. It was just what the doctor ordered.

It will be nice to have all the kids together tonight, and a joyous reunion when we all get back together again next week. I can’t even begin to imagine the happiness of when we finally bring Gabi home.

For now it is just a little waiting game for Monday.

Everybody’s help has been a  life saver. I don’t know how we could do it without the baby sitters, chauffeurs, moral support and prayers. It is amazing how many people have come to our side, and the comments here on this site are amazing. It is impossible to thank you enough, but know that it is a great source of strength for us to have friends and family like this.

God bless you all.

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Some more pictures

Leaving Teri there was something I would like to never do again, but her mom will be there Friday afternoon, and then I will be back up Sunday night for Monday’s surgery. Thanks to everybody, and especially to Grandma Cass and Grandma Colleen. They have helped so much to make this as smooth and normal as possible for our kids, and there is no way to thank them enough.

On the fun side I finally got home, and here are some pics.

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End of day 1- She’s here!

First of all, thank you so much for all the love and support. I have been reading the comments to Teri when I could get a decent signal on my phone, or she was otherwise occupied. Even being away from everybody right now, I can really feel how close you are.

Teri labored for a while, and Gabi’s head was just not turning the right way, and the doc knew that there wasn’t much else to do. A bit of a whirlwind later and Gabi was out int the world. I have some pictures, but I haven’t yet been able to find a computer that I can use to upload them. When I go back to the Ronald Mcdonald hosue tomorrow morning I will get them up then. I can tell you she is quite a looker, though for now she has her father’s haircut (or lack there of) Her color is good, and she has a nice mellow coo. She is breathing well on her own, and the valve between the two chambers is staying open per the plan, and now it is just a matter of letter her lungs mature and then surgery #1 on Monday. They have done another echo and didn’t see anythign else to cause alarm, so that is really good to hear. They are doing some more tests on her liver and such tomorrow as another check, but so far as good as we hoped for.

Teri is resting. It has been a rough road for mom, but she is holding it together. Tears to for both of us, but she is really an inspirationally strong woman, and certainly sets a good example for me. Hopefully tomorrow she will be able to come down and see her newest daughter, I know she will like that. I was able to see Gabi, and have her wrap her little fingers around mine, and one of the many times I got a chance to cry in front of strangers (who knows what the guy here in the family center thinks).

Thanks to all of you, and I promise to get pictures up as soon as I can.

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Altered plans

Gabi wanted to keep her head turned, and was stuck. Doc knew that with as hard as Teri was pushing (and it being a fourth) it was a loosing battle if there wasn’t progress, it was not going to happen.

The doc felt that a c section was needed becauseveach contraction was dropping Gabos heartbrate. Sometime around 8 she was born. 6lb 11oz and 19 inches. I think I heard an 8 and 4 for apgar scores, but had to rushout to check into ronald mcHouse.

Teri and the baby are doing well, gabi getting the better of that deal. The hair color bet is a wash since she has as much hair as her dad. I have some pics, and once I get to a computer I will get them up.

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Surgery sched.

A couple of emergency patients came in so the surgery is moved to Monday morning. First she needs come greet the world of course.

Teri is doing well, and things should be closer to 3 it appears.

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The pitocin is started. The are planning on a delivery between 2 and 3 this afternoon. They have quite a list of doctors that we be in the room for the big moment, which is quite sobering to hear.

Right now thing are quiet. The hardest part is the waiting, and the IV for Teri. Oddly enough that is her least favorite part of having the baby.

Hope to have some more updates after lunch.

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A little waiting

The put some cervidil in last night to get things moving. It is a 12 hour thing, so they will take it out around 9 or 10 and start the patosin then. I have no idea how any of these things are spelled.

We thought we would have an outside baby by now, but things are moving a little slow. Teri is 1.5cm right now. Everybody’s spirits are good, and the surprise night of rest was kind of nice.

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Settling in

Settling in for the night. The nurses are all really nice, and gave Teri something to let her get a little shut-eye before they really pour it in on in the morning.

Thank you so much for all the prayers and support in the lead up to this. As we pulled into the parking lot here there was an odd sense of resigned nervousness. We are eager to stop waiting, but man…this day will really divide our lives into before and after.

We have been humbled by what everybody has done to help us get ready for this. I don’t know what we would have done without that help and support.

Bless you all, and I will post updates as they come.

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Today is the day

Gabrielle Faith will be here in hours.

Today is June 8th and we check into the hospital tonight at 8 pm. The plan is for an induction through the night and she will be born sometime early Tuesday June 9th. Her first scheduled surgery is the Norwood scheduled for Friday June 12th. We have decided to have her surgeries and care at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

Please keep us in your prayers as we meet our new little girl. My mother is moving in this afternoon to care for our children. Little Ethan’s last week of Kindergarten is all this week and I am so sad I won’t be here for him, but he seems excited to meet baby Gabrielle.

We will post tomorrow with pictures. That is, if I can figure out how to use the hospital computer.

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and generous support already. God has a plan for our little girl and we are honored to be her parents.

Love, Teri

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