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Book Review

This doesn’t have much to do with Gabi but I have read this book cover to cover a few times and I just have to share it. My neighbor told me about when she was trying to figure out some stuff with her son.

The book is called  I May Frustrate You but I’m a Keeper by Ray Lincoln



My oldest son is 10 and he has sensory issues. He has been really difficult so I really thought he also had a broken brain and mental problems. Until I read this book!  This book explained my difficult son to an exact analysis.  It is amazing!


This is how it works. You take a short quiz and then add up your answers with the directions described.  You then get a 4 letter result which he refines to a 2 letter result. Then the author breaks down each letter: what it means, how common that letter is and how to relate and parent to that letter combo.

So, you take a quiz for each of your children but also for yourself.  This is the magical part.  In all my 29 years, I have never made sense of my craziness.  This helped to explain SOME of it.  The book will explain your letters as regular people but also how you parent as a result of your 4 combination of letters.

The theory is based on the Meijer Briggs personality test but it goes into depth and renames some of the criteria so its really easy to understand and apply.



You can see, I have my cheat sheet of my 3 oldest kids on the cover of the book.


and I have marked it up, highlighted, crossed out.. etc


My second son has always been pretty easy going so his results were not surprising.  But both of my older sons are very different than me so I had no idea how to parent them.  I was convinced that Thomas ( 7 year old) had ADD. He’s a mess. He can’t focus and has a really difficult time concentrating. He is still on the teacher’s radar but the letter results that correspond with his personality are the most common set of results that is misdiagnosed with ADD!  It is in his personality to not be aware of time and to constantly be late. His whole focus in life is fun and he lives in the present moment.  My older son is the opposite.  He will probably never be late and he only understands logical explanations.  It is really fun to have these 2 share a small bedroom…

I have also learned SO much about myself.  That is an entirely different post that I will get to.  I find this stuff fascinating.  On the author’s website, he has a certification process that I really want to take.

Definitely worth checking out for your parenting and for yourself!!

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