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Impossible is not a word

I got to attend Saturday’s 5:00 mass with only child next to me.  I love being surrounded by my children (even when they hang on me ) at church. Church is an intimate hour with God and who better to spend that intimate moment than my family.  However, when I’m actually able to sit quietly and LISTEN, it is awesome.

I wish I was better at listening to God but I think he brought me some peace.

IMG_6214After apologizing…pleading… making offers to the owner of the house, Saturday morning we received official word via certified letter that we, indeed, have to vacate this house by August 1st.  Our home for 4 years.

32 days we have to find a home and move our 5 children.  I don’t understand how a person, a man and his wife, could do this?  We made a mistake, yes. We shouldn’t have removed the bushes without his consent.  But is this reason to evict a family within a month?

We were/are angry. Sad. Confused.  My kids saw me upset and asked questions.  The neighbor kids saw me cry.

Here we are. scrambling.  We had plans this summer. Gabi had no scheduled procedures. We were focused on her feeding clinic getting started, actually considering taking a short vacation. And laughing, a lot. I was grieving my summer.


Then I went to mass.   Fr. Bill said we have to remember to always.. WALK IN FAITH, LIVE IN HOPE, and ACT IN LOVE.

WALK IN FAITH: Live our catholic faith boldly. Find a friend that will encourage you to live against the grain, against the media, and be proud to  accept the eucharist every week.

LIVE IN HOPE:  Trust in God… always.

ACT IN LOVE: forgive, and always be a joyous Christian.  I have heard criticisms that the Catholic mass is so boring.  There is NOTHING boring about the mass.  The mass is joyous and our lives our joyous and we need to find that smile… always.

So, I came home, gushing with love watching my son serve mass and sitting my with daughter and listening to our pastor with renewed spirit.IMG_6253

Impossible is not a word. We can do this. This is happening for a reason and we might never understand.

Buy or rent?  So many benefits and drawbacks of each.  I was hoping we could scrape together finances and be able to put a home purchase together. However, I think renting is again in our close future.

Side note: I was SO excited to be able to officially put down roots and live under our own rules. This is so hard for me. It is difficult for me to admit that we rent; I feel like I always have something to justify. I was really excited to fit in and control our home decisions.

Our children know something is going on. We plan to have a family meeting today. They keep asking if we are moving and plead with us not to.  It’s tearing my heart apart.

We aren’t moving far, so it’s going to be fine. But, it’s a forced change and it’s uneasy for everyone.

I am keeping Fr. Bill’s words close to my heart and remember to live them.  SO, a smile will be on my face and we will focus on the excitement of moving. Hey- maybe we’ll have a basement or more space! We have to focus on the silver lining…Good thing God always provides perspective.

We so appreciate all the thoughts and prayers. I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for reading.

BTW- Gabi is doing really great. Still little progress with eating or potty training but all in good God’s time. Her records finally got transferred to the new feeding clinic, so we are awaiting for review of those and then an evaluation appt.

Much love,






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