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Chest Closing Scheduled

I am really trying not to get my hopes up, but why not, right? The docs at rounds today said they would try and proceed with the chest closing this afternoon.  yesterday, they were still unsure, but today, they thought she looked ready!!  I am rushing around trying to get back up there in time.  Pray things go well for Gabi today…she has a long, difficult few days ahead of her.

Thanks for all the support everyone!



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Getting closer

Baby steps have progressed to a possible chest closing as soon as this afternoon/evening!! Most likely it won’t happen today, but as we have learned, you just never know. She is holding strong and fighting this every step of the way. The chylous seems to be diminshing just a little bit. The fat in the breast milk so far is too much for her body to absorb because of the damaged lymphonic system. To combat this, they probably will switch her to a special formula where the fat and proteins are already broken down for her. They will wait until her chest is closed to make that switch because they don’t want to have to face any allergic reactions/ or stomach reactions to a new formula right now. She would stay on this formula for 6 weeks until her lymphodes can heal up. Stinks, but what are you going to do. WE are rolling with these punches now.

Her red blood cell count showed their might be a slight infection so they ran a bunch of cultures from her blood and urine to see if anything grows to prove an infection or not. She is much less swollen and they are still tweeking the meds as she needs it. Down on the Epi, down on the vent, up on others…But her numbers are all staying strong this morning.

When they do close her chest, then the “game” of tweeking meds and watching her numbers starts all over.With the chest open, there is plenty of room for her lungs to inflate and for her heart to pump. But when that chest closes, there is obviously more resistance for her heart and lungs to work against, so it will be another critical time for her a day or so after they close her up. But then she will be on her way to healing and that much clsoer for her Mama to hold her!!!!

Hopefully I will be able to post a chest closing schedule today!



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