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More heart lung machine

When Holly went back to the OR Gabi was back on the heart lung machine. Her blood pressure was having trouble staying up. They have since taken her off of the heart lung machine, but when they bring her to her room tonight they will being the “ecmo” machine.

Not a great deveopement, but not yet really that bad. If she can keep her blood pressure up she should be OK, and if it can’t stay up there is the machine right there to take some of the load. Then will give her heart and lungs a rest and then after a day or turn the dial back and see how she responds. Hopefully she won’t need it.

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Home stretch for today

Holly (the nurse who comes out to give all the updates) just gave us a brief wrap up. Everyting is going well. They took her off bypass, and saw that the pressure was a little low from what they wanted, so they did some more testing, and looking. There wasn’t anything structural or electrical, and so they tweaked the medications and things got more in line with what they want. They took her off bypass again, and everything is holding together well. Right now they are “mopping up” and that will take another hour and a half. After that we will get to see her as they wheel her back to her room. It will take another 45 minutes there for them to get her situated, then we will be able to go back and see her.

We met another Hypoplast father here (there are 5 in the unit right now), adn he was really positive. His daughter hadn’t done so well, and right now is on the heart transplant list, but his spirits were pretty good. A couple of hours later we passed him in the elevator, and he seemd kind of distracted, and then noticed us and asked how thigns were going. It seemed like something was not going well for him. In some wierd way it was almost scarier to see that look on his face then to talk to the doctors about my own daughter. The distance somehow made it more real.

Overall Teri and I are doing well, and REALLY looking forward to seeing the rest of our family tomorrow. The Chaplin came in this morning and said a nice prayer that made everybody cry. I will update again once she is out.

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Sano tube installed, so about another hour of bypass. So far everything going as advertised.

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Bypass under way

Hi. It’s Teri. I am finally posting. We got confirmation about a half hour ago that Gabi is on bypass. Everything is going smoothly thus far.  She should be on the heart/lung machine for about 3 hours.  We are just trying waiting for the next update.

I have received so many supportive emails and voicemails and I apologize for not getting back to all just yet. I am moving around much better and actually able to walk down to the family lounge area where the computers are. Every day gets better for me, let’s hope the same goes for my baby girl. The Ronald McDonald House is very nice and welcoming, but I want to go home so terribly and bring my 4 kids together and be a family. Being away from my kids is more painful than I could have ever prepared for.  But we are a strong family unit with a an incredibly suppportive family and friends surrounding us.  So- one day at a time and one foot in front of the other. And God is by our side, watching over us, giving us the strength that we need right now. 

We’ll post again soon.

Love you all,


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into surgery

We had an hour or so to spend with Gabrielle this morning before they took her into surgery. Met with the surgeon and the rest of the team to go over any last minute questions. Dr. Tweddle (the suregeon) was pretty laid back. I suppose that is better than being nervous and jerky considering his job over the next 8 hours.

We will get updates as the surgery moves along and I will try to keep the site updated.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, our little girl can use every last bit.

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