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January 12th


It's almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas!



We decided to postpone the feeding clinic until January for many reasons.  I wanted to get it over with but I know it’s all in God’s time.

We get to enjoy Christmas with some new Texas traditions and spend time with new, but already beloved and dear friends… Although we miss our families in Chicago terribly, we are incredibly blessed here….  And with weather in the 50’s all December.. who can complain.

We have met an amazing family here where the wonderful mom has offered to tutor Gabi after school to try and get her to write and read at least to be able to keep up with her peers. Just out of the kindness of her heart. Gabi is “severely behind grade level” in all subjects.  When her teacher tells me this, I chuckle. She will write her name eventually.  She will be able to read eventually. It’s all perspective.  But this mom is giving Gabi a chance to thrive in Kindergarten!!  We’ve been in Texas for only 8 1/2 months and this is only one of the many blessings we have received…how incredible is that! Praise of thanksgiving for sure!

I received an email out of the blue the other day from a father of a childhood friend of mine. I have not seen this friend in over 25 years but we keep in touch through facebook.  Her father is connected with a few men’s group of his Catholic church and one of these men sent me this email…

Dear Terry,

As you know, the premise of Advent of Hope (a 3-night devotion at our church) is simple — the more faith you have, the more hope you have. Last night I talked briefly about a few people who handle their suffering with faith and hope in God.  You were one of those people I talked about . I admitted that I have never met you but that, through Rick’s constant urging, I’ve been praying for you for about 4 years.  I mentioned to the congregation your struggle with Gabi and emphasized how you handle this with faith.

It’s a blessing for me to know you, and now a blessing for a few hundred people to know just a little bit about you.  Through my talk last night, you blessed them.  Now they pray a blessing for you.

Thank you, Terry, for your faith, hope and love — and your inspiration.


God must have known I needed a good cry that day. But I mean, really???  I feel like a mess, a complainy disaster of a mess most of the time.

We have been working with Gabi with her eating but she still stores her food in her cheeks like a little chipmunk and we can’t get her to swallow it.  I pray they can help us get over this hurdle. IMG_6489

Thank you to all my friends and family… I am grateful for you everyday.  Jesus wants us to see Him through everyone we encounter and I truly do…

January 12th.  With God’s help, we can do this. We’ll be at:

Our Children’s House at Baylor:
3301 Swiss Ave
Dallas, TX 75204





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Highs and lows

I miss my SJMP. I miss hearing the highs and lows of my friends. I miss hearing laughter from new moms and I miss sharing in their tears… Here’s to you ladies.

My high today is – We’re in Texas.   IMG_6815

My low today is- We’re in Texas.

IMG_7368We moved to McKinney, TX on April 3rd. We transferred the kids to their new school at the end of the school year. Even just 6 months ago, I can’t believe my anxiety levels didn’t cause me long term damage.  Well, the jury is still out, I guess :) The transition has certainly had plenty of highs and lows but for the most part, it has been OK.  We’ve already made some really great friends here and we have put on a light sweatshirt maybe once since April. It’s outstanding!

However, I miss my AH Patton peeps, my Ridge Ave family, my SJ community, my parents and my sisters…the raw pain is subsiding, but the lingering ache is still there everyday.

One of the reasons, we chose Dallas was because of the outstanding medical facilities here. We have already found a wonderfully compassionate cardiologist, a tolerable neurologist, we will be seeing the Gi team soon and a team of therapists for Gabi.  The school has embraced her needs and is working with us to get all the services she needs.

And coming to Dallas includes an all inclusive resort and spa for 30 days and 30 nights! Pretty sweet, right?  Oh wait, no I meant an all inclusive feeding clinic for 30 days and 30 nights.  They’re easily confused.

October 20th is the day. Gabi will be admitted into Our Children’s House at Baylor’s inpatient feeding program for 30 days.  It will be intense. It will be exhausting. There will be lots of tears (from me and from Gabi). I am afraid to pray for any specific results because I am trusting that God will be there for Gabi.  She is going to have to work really hard.  And I am trusting that God knows that this is our 4th feeding clinic and I feel like it’s our last hope.  It’s not, of course, but we have exhausted all outpatient program’s efforts.

I am heartbroken that I have to leave my 4 other babies for 30 days. My heart is breaking.  They are still adjusting here. We are all still finding our way. 6th grade homework is getting intense. T’s anxiety is creeping up, M is finding out which friends she can trust, and Max just needs me to help him go potty.  I will miss them so much.

IMG_654130 days.

I can do this.  

Gabi can do this.

My kids can do this.

Ethan can do this.


Always with God’s continued love and guidance. And maybe, just maybe… we won’t be using the G-tube when is done

Love you all, Teri IMG_5588


Our first day in McKinney

Our first day in McKinney

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